Table Fees



Parties & Celebrations

Spatch Reservation Terms & Conditions

At Spatch we love to entertain.

Creating unique dining experiences that end up being amazing memories is our goal.

The truth is… We love to throw a good party!

For groups of 7 or more dining together, we require a table fee to reserve a table & dining time.

Large party reservations can only be made by filing out the form below and getting a confirmation email from Spatch directly.

We do not honor reservations made through Open Table, Yelp, Promotions, or other avenues.

We book Party Reservations at certain times & have limited space for parties in our main dining room.

Reservations fill up quickly so please plan accordingly.

On Friday Evenings we seat large parties at 5pm and 7:30pm

Saturday & Sunday Brunch (11am – 3pm) we seat large parties at 11am, Noon, and 2:30pm

Saturday & Sunday Evenings we seat large parties at 5pm & 8pm

Parties of 7-12 guest $50 Table Fee 2 hour dining time

Parties of 13-20 guests $75 Table Fee 2.5 hour dining time

Parties of 21 guests or more, must choose the VIP experience in our Private Room.

We simply do not have the room to seat parties larger than 20 in our main dining area. 

Table Fees are NON REFUNDABLE.



Cake Display & Sparkler presentation $30

House Champagne Bottle Pop & Sparklers $50

Champagne, Cake, & Sparklers $70


You may bring a small cake that can sit on your table while dining.  We will not be able to hold or reserve your cake in our kitchen.

For Decorations or Larger Displays of Celebration please see our Party Partner PUP.

You and your guests,  may always choose to continue your experience in the bar or on the patio after your meal.

We respectfully ask that you are ready to be seated at the time of your reservation to ensure the best possible level of service to all of our guests.

The entire party should be present & ready to be seated at the time of your reservation.

Party reservations are held for a maximum of 20 min.

If your party does not check in within 20 minutes of your reservation time, you will forfeit your reservation and will be placed on our waitlist when you arrive.

Please do not call to announce you will be late for a reservation.

If late, when you arrive at Spatch for your reservation, check in, & we will add you to our waitlist and seat you as soon as we are able.

If you have to travel a distance to visit us or if you often arrive past appointment times, please make your reservation about half an hour later than expected.

All large parties reservations should be made with everyone in mind.

Please book accordingly as we are strict about our time limits and restraints in order to give the best experiences to all of our patrons.


**Please Note** **We will not honor double booked reservations for the same party.

You cannot make 2 reservations of 6 for a party of 12 in order to avoid a table fee.

However, you can make 2 reservations of 6 and sit separately.

If you make two reservations & request the same table you will be charged a fee at the time of service.

**A 20% Service Fee is added to ALL tickets.

This service fee does not belong solely to your server and goes to ensure you have a great experience from start to finish.

If your server or bartender is extraordinary, make sure & show some extra Love. Tips are reserved solely for your personal server.

If you would like to continue with your reservation, use the form button at the top to submit your request & a team member will reach out with information and instructions on how to book & confirm your reservation.